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The Beyonce Diet May Not Be Enough Fuel For Sasha Fierce

Beyonce has revealed in a recent YouTube video that she had become “plant-based vegan” as part of her preparations for Coachella. Experts in nutrition say that the diet she followed may not be enough to fuel Sasha Fierce.

The crash diet promises weight loss in just 22 days. It doesn’t include sugars, carbohydrates and fish, as well as meat and alcohol. Nutrition experts warn that it could lead to nutritional deficiencies and can lead to disordered eating habits.


During her training, the pop superstar is able to burn off lots of calories. So, she has to replenish her energy levels by eating healthy, nutritious options for breakfast and lunch.

One of her favorite breakfasts is a bowl that is made of almond milk, banana slices, and sliced. This dish can be made vegan by replacing regular milk with vegetable milk.

Chia puddi is another option. It is loaded with fiber, Omega-3s, and B vitamins. It can be topped with berries to add an extra boost of flavor.

For lunch, Beyonce loves to eat salads, but they’re not your standard wilted iceberg and ranch type. She prefers a kale, mango and avocado salad that is topped with lemon. She also loves making zucchini noodles, which are a healthy alternative to pasta. She can eat these with an accompanying dish of roasted veggies or grilling lean meats like chicken. She also strives to limit her sodium intake by eliminating processed foods.


In terms of lunch the typical Beyonce diet is packed with lots of veggies. Quinoa, which is a staple for vegans and black beans are both great sources of protein. You can combine them with a salad of greens to make a meal that is suitable for Queens.

She also reportedly loves kale and pesto pasta. If you want something sweet, try an apple smoothie or a banana bowl. She’s a big fan of cold-pressed juice as well, and eats it frequently.

One of the primary reasons her diet is healthy is because she is working out so hard. She’s preparing herself for two hour Coachella shows, working out with deep squats, battle rope training and breastfeeding her twins. She requires plenty of calories.


Beyonce’s “normal” diet is low-carb but overall pretty healthy. She typically eats lots of eggs, vegetables, and lean protein with whole grains. She also eats a lot of salads. Beyonce also enjoys avocado, mango and Kale.

For dinner, Beyonce often eats quinoa with vegetables or pesto pasta. She is also a big fan of chicken, but often she’ll swap the meat with fish or grill tofu.

Beyonce has many diva requests, including that junk food be forbidden backstage during the tour. She will therefore eat Oatcakes and almonds as snacks. She also enjoys munching on ice-balls that she has carved herself after her shows. She also does stretches after her workouts. This helps her to remain flexible and strong. This is a great way for her to prepare her legs for all those amazing dance cardio movements.


As a busy mom and being the face of several projects, it’s essential that Beyonce gets her required energy. She prefers a protein shake that is a combination of organic superfoods, protein, and stevia. Her favorite brand is Borges the 22 Days protein powder.

Beyonce can feel exhausted from her intense training sessions and strict diet which is why she eats to replenish her body. She typically chooses smoothies that consist of pea protein powder along with almond milk, frozen fruits and spinach following her workouts.

The singer is also a big fan of soul food, especially when she’s in Houston. She’s written about her top local restaurants, including Frenchy’s Chicken as well as Ms. Sally’s famous lemon pound cake. She’s also been known to enjoy a few sweets like a drum of caramel corn or a few Cool Ranch Doritos. It’s interesting to note that Beyonce recently used her massive social media presence to announce the vegan meal plan 22 Days Nutrition. The plan is based on the crash diet she followed to slim down for Coachella last year.