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The Beyonce Diet May Not Be Enough Fuel For Sasha Fierce

Beyonce has revealed in a recent YouTube video that she was “plant-based vegan” as part of her preparation for Coachella. Experts in nutrition believe that Sasha Fierce’s diet may not be enough to help her perform.

The crash diet promises weight loss in just 22 days. It excludes carbohydrates, sugars and fish, as well as meat and alcohol. Nutritionists warn that it can cause nutritional deficiencies as well as encourage disordered eating habits.


During her workout routine the pop star burns a lot of calories. She must replenish her energy with nutritious breakfast and lunch options.

One of her favourite breakfasts is a bowl made with almond milk, banana slices, and slices of. The dish can be made vegan by replacing regular milk with vegetable milk.

A cup of chia puddi is a great option. It is loaded with fiber, Omega-3s, and B vitamins. It can be served with berries for an added flavor boost.

For lunch, Beyonce loves to eat salads however, they’re not your regular wilted iceberg, ranch variety. She prefers mango, kale and avocado salad that is topped with lemon. She also loves making zucchini noodles as a healthy alternative for pasta. You can enjoy them with the addition of roasted vegetables or grilling a lean protein such as chicken. She also works to limit her sodium intake by avoiding processed foods.


Lunch is a significant part of a typical Beyonce’s diet. Quinoa is a good source of protein, as are black beans, which are a staple among vegans. You can combine them with a green salad to make a dish fit for Queens.

She also reportedly loves pesto pasta and kale. If you’re looking for something sweet try a fruit smoothie or a banana bowl. She’s a huge fan of cold-pressed juice as well as eating often.

One of the primary reasons her diet is so healthy is that she is working out so hard. She practices for two hours of Coachella performances, does deep squats and battle ropes, and is breastfeeding twins, so she requires plenty of calories to fuel her.


Beyonce’s ‘normal’ diet is low in carbs but healthy overall. She eats eggs, vegetables and lean protein along with whole grains. She also eats a lot of salads. But they’re not the wilted, lettuce decorated with ranch salads either — Beyonce is a fan of mango, kale and avocado!

For dinner, Beyonce often eats quinoa with veggies or pesto pasta. She also loves chicken, but may change it up with fish or tofu.

Beyonce has many diva requests, including that junk food be banned backstage during the tour. She loves snacking on almonds and oatcakes. She also likes to munch on hand-carved ice ball after performing. She also tries to squeeze in some stretching following her workouts. This helps her to stay flexible and strong. It’s an excellent way to keep her legs in shape for all the amazing dance cardio moves.


As a busy mom and star of multiple projects, it’s essential that Beyonce has the proper energy. She prefers a protein shake which is a blend of organic superfoods, protein, and Stevia. Borges”22 Days” is her top choice of protein powder.

Beyonce may feel exhausted after her intense training sessions and strict diet and eats to replenish her body. She will typically opt for smoothies that are made up of pea protein powder, almond milk, frozen fruit and spinach after her workouts.

The singer is also a huge fan of soul food, particularly when she’s in Houston. She’s posted on her blog about her top local restaurants, including Frenchy’s Chicken as well as Ms. Sally’s famous lemon pound cake. She is also known for a few sweets including a drum of Cool Ranch Doritos or an entire drum of caramel corn. Interestingly, Beyonce recently made use of her huge social media presence to announce a vegan meal plan called 22 Days Nutrition, which is an adaptation of the crash diet she followed to slim for Coachella last year.